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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Picking up Roses for Landscape

Landscape roses, as they are also known, can be planted anywhere in your garden. The good thing is that they are easy to find, but the drawback they have is the prolific abundance of various types, which sometimes confuses you. To make things easier, here we have classified the most famous types of landscape roses, which can be used according to your preferences.

Depending on your purposes, there are several main types of ornamental landscape roses. The first one that crops up to mind is the tall tea rose. Gardeners who want to decorate a trellis or an archway plant tea roses. Tea roses have the perfect blooming flowers. The rose arch can really make the atmosphere of your garden romantic.

The second type is the climbing rose. It can be used for wall decoration as well as for any other permanent structure. True climbing roses can be trained to wind around in different ways: for example, to reach the top of a building, or grow alongside the walls.

The Polyantha is also known by its modern name Floribunda rose. Due to its prolific growth and extensive life span, this rose type can be planted to produce a long-lasting colorful effect. This rose can burst in furious blooms and provide the background with different colors.

China roses are the perfect choice if you like to plant landscape roses in front of other plants. There exists also the option to plant roses in the shape of shrubs or hedges, for example the types of Shrub roses and Rugosa roses.

But as with every flower type, the question that you first need to consider, is color. What colors do you want your roses to have? This is an important issue. You must be well aware of each type’s specificity in accordance with color and different shades. Roses can be found in such various color combinations that you may choose the most suitable one according to your color scheme and garden planning. White tea roses can be used against red brick wall to produce an artistic effect. Another example: pink roses can be the perfect complement of a marble or stone wall.

You could as well use the whole variety of colors and color shades to enrich your garden outlook. This is a popular trend in gardening: mixing everything together can have positive outcome. Different styles, flowers and colors blended together provide an aesthetic bounty and make you feel optimistic. Roses cannot be excluded from this floral mixture. They can be combined with all types of flowers. They can add a stylish touch to the garden, if combined with other flowers.

Kids Safe With a Pool

We all know that the experts suggest we fence off the pool area and this is great advice. Making the fence slippery and hard to climb (think thin, straight, shiny pieces instead of anything you can easily climb) is the way to go, but also important is the gate. If the gate to the pool area is left open, kids have easy access. If the gate is easy to get open, same thing applies, so what you want is an automatic gate closer. These are easy to put on and easy to maintain and what they do is close the gate, each and every time it gets opened.

An automatic gate closer is great if you are going through with an armload of toys or chemicals. They’re also great if you need to quickly grab something and forget to close the gate after yourself. They are fool proof as they use gravity and swing to get and keep that gate closed. A closed gate means no entry, even for the most enterprising of young ones.

Keeping enticing pool toys away from the pool area when not in use is also a great preventative. Kids can play with their toys away from the pool area in safety. It’s also a great idea to keep anything with wheels as far away from the pool area as possible. No one needs to ride their tricycle around on the deck, it’s just too dangerous.

Talking with your kids about pool safety goes a long way in keeping them safe around water. You will also want to teach them to swim so that they won’t panic as much if they find themselves in water. A little bit of prevention goes a long, long way in keeping kids safe around the pool.

Landscaping Firm

1. Ask for referrals

The best way to find a good landscaping firm is to ask friends, neighbors and family members. One can get more information in an hour talking with his neighbor or others who have had experience in hiring a landscaping firm than a whole day trying to search the Internet for information. Although the Internet is a good way to look for prospective landscaping firms, it would not be able answer many of the most important questions that one might have.

2. Check the services that are offered by the firm

Different landscape firms offer different services. Check if the landscaping firm has all the services that you will be needing to complete your project. It makes no sense to hire a landscaping firm only to find out later that it cannot complete the project because it is does not offer a specific service that is needed.

3. Contact the Firm

Try contacting them by telephone and ask some basic questions. One would also want to set up a personal meeting with the landscapers. An initial assessment of the firm’s customer service should be made by the inquiring party. Small things usually reflect the general attitude of a firm toward its clients.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen can be used not only as the main attraction at your parties, an outdoor kitchen can be used on a daily basis, with the whole family enjoying a meal n the open air, you may find yourself disappointed of restaurants when you start eating “out” a few times a week. Suddenly an evening in a closed space will seem like less fun compared to the outdoor kitchen experience waiting just a few steps from your living room.

The growing popularity of the outdoor kitchen in the last years has created many different products to choose when designing your outdoor kitchen, some people prefer to design a small and practical outdoor kitchen and save some costs, others go for the luxury additions when creating their outdoor kitchen design.

Today you can find outdoor kitchens in region of the world that have relatively short summers, people living in these areas try and enjoy the summer to its fullest, and install a kitchen that is built around the grill, this way they can have a barbecue without running in and out of the house and use a small kitchen in their backyard.

Weather conditions in your area will be very important when thinking of an outdoor kitchen design, in some cases extreme weather will call for unique solutions and custom made outdoor kitchens, these can be very expensive and take a lot of energy to put together, you may need to consider the conditions of your living area before going ahead with the plan to build an outdoor kitchen.

Naturally there are huge advantages to the outdoor experience, spending quality time with your family and friends and enjoying the outdoors, an outdoor kitchen can create the prefect setting for all these things on a regular, everyday basis. The work you will need to put into your outdoor kitchen is also something to consider before checking out the appliances, if you plan to do this by yourself you should be aware of the fact that building an outdoor kitchen may take a lot of time, so free a couple of your weekends and carefully plan and design your outdoor kitchen. If you plan to have a third party perform the construction of the outdoor kitchen make sure you know exactly what you want and start the negotiations from your ideal point, don’t forget that contractors sometime have their own preferences, but they are not the ones living in the house, so remember to make it absolutely clear that you are calling the shots on this outdoor kitchen design.